How to choose the portable hydration bladder
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How to choose the portable hydration bladder

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This is best trust bag factory in China. We are main focus on the design and manufacturing all kinds of outdoor equipment. The hydration pack with bladder is one of our products.


Since we have been designed and sold them for 20 years.  Here introduce the hydration bladder that help you for choose the portable one.


When you consider to buy one hydration bladder, please consider how many day you on the outside or how many day of your travelling.  If it is short travel like cycling 1 days, we advise 2L -3L capacity is enough. If you like to running game, it is 1.5L -2L capacity, no heavy and easy to carrying it. The small volume can fit for the hydration waist pack. If long time travel or adventure that you will stay on outdoor, we advise 3L capacity with water filter that can help you do drink water in safety condition.


For the material selection, In general, we use the 0.3mm thicker TPU film for the bladder body. TPU drink tube, silicon bite valve and eco-friendly plastic connection like quickly release, swatch, slider. It is high quality material for a hydration bladder. If you don’t use it frequency, you can choose the PEVA material for body, PVC drink tube and a small cap on the bladder. It is cheaper style for a lower specification hydration bladder.

The following style is our hot sale hydration bladder model 

water bladder list

If you would like to assemble a bladder, here introduce the some suggustion of hydration bladder. 

1. there are cap( big cap /small cap)  or silder that allow water flow out or into , the part as following 

Water Bag-31


Water Bag-33

2. drink tube, In general, it is 1/4inch ID and 8mm OD for connection, 86cm length for normal usage. There are many color selection, pls kindly check the following


If you need the insulated cover,there are neoprene material or woven wrap selection. 

tube cover 

3. the color of water bladder body,  the 0.3mm TPU film color, you can choose the following color 

TPU color swatch

4. bite valve,there are many bite valve with cover. There are 45 degree bite valve, 90 degree bite valve with cap.

And there are quickly connection on the bladder body. 

Water Bag-32





We assemble these accessories to be a hydration bladder. There are many style that you can use for your hydration pack. Welcome to send us your questions on customize or buy our style hydration bladder. 



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