Keep Your Food and Drinks Chill with our Soft Side Cooler Bag
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Keep Your Food and Drinks Chill with our Soft Side Cooler Bag

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Summer is here, which means it's time for picnics, beach trips, and outdoor adventures. However, carrying all your food and drinks in a regular bag can be a hassle, especially when trying to keep them cool.

That's why we have the perfect solution for you – our soft side cooler bag. Our soft side cooler bag is made of high-quality TPU materials that are meant to last. The insulation helps to retain cold temperatures for long hours, keeping your food and drinks chilled and fresh. Its spacious interior can hold up to 12-24can cans, snacks, fruits, and other picnic essentials. Carrying this cooler bag around is effortless, with its adjustable shoulder strap and soft-grip handle.

You can easily transport your goodies wherever your next adventure takes you. It's perfect for family picnics, beach trips, camping, and other outdoor activities. Our soft side cooler bag is not only functional but also stylish. It can be made in camouflage TPU or solid TPU , see the following type, we have the tote cooler bag , cooler backpack, basket cooler bag. All made in high quality 840D TPU and 420D tpu liner, it can keep ice 48-72 hours per days.

For customize this soft side cooler bag, we can accept customize the pattern of this soft cooler fabric , and the color of airtight zipper and inside Liner. The color of webbing and string color,

For the logo, there are 2 way for the logo , pvc logo patch or silk screen printing.

cooler bag

Final test the quality of your soft cooler bag , to ensure it can keep ice 48-72hours.

It comes in different colors to match your style and preference. You can choose from white blue, and gray. If you're looking for an efficient way of keeping your food and drinks chilled, our soft side cooler bag is a perfect choice. You can finally enjoy your outdoor adventures without worrying about your goodies going bad. Get yours today!

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