For Padding Boarding, Do you look for the dry bag ?
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For Padding Boarding, Do you look for the dry bag ?

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For Padding Boarding,  Do you look for the dry bag ?

Well done—you've arrived at the ideal location! Our selection of waterproof bags is extensive and perfect for stand-up paddle boarding.

We'll go over a few of the choices and offer advice on which ones our crew should take when out on the water.

The secret to paddle boarding is to keep the foredeck clutter-free. Getting your board into the water and loaded up with shoes, munchies, a bottle of water, your phone, your vehicle keys, etc. is not only a hassle. Once you start, you don't want it to get underfoot or roll off into the drink. You can be sure they won't get wet if you put them all in a dry bag or two.

Waterproof waist packswaist pack 2

Waterproof waist packs, also known as fanny packs or bum bags, are an excellent method to transport a little load together with a bottle of water to stay hydrated. We stock the two and four-liter waist packs by OverBoard. They can withstand a brief submersion and are completely waterproof. Just take careful to securely roll the top down three or four times before fastening it with the buckles. These backpacks feature a drink bottle holder that zips out and a generously padded waist strap. Because they're so adaptable, our team uses them for hiking, cycling, and paddle boarding. For those who know they have a good chance of falling in, we suggest the Swim Secure bum bag. It is made especially for swimmers and seals with a triple zip lock. Being slim, it's ideal for holding both your car key and phone.

Waterproof deck bags

Deck bags are specifically made with numerous attachment points so they can be fastened to your paddle board's foredeck with confidence. These hold 20 liters of equipment and come in green or yellow. Perfect for extended travels and for carrying supplies, a change of clothes, and snacks. The deck bags' large aperture and simple roll-up closure make it simple to access them mid-trip. In case it is windy on the water, we can store a windproof layer in the stretchy bungee cord pocket and keep snacks in the outer (showerproof) zipped pocket.

dry bag 4Dry Bags

The most popular type of dry bag is a dry tube, which is frequently discovered wedged beneath the elastic on a paddle board's foredeck. They range in capacity from 5 to 40 liters, and if you really need to carry a lot of gear, 60 liters. These ones have a detachable backpack harness. They also come in a variety of sizes and vivid colors. Dry tubes are quite affordable because of their straightforward construction. Nevertheless, they do not have as many of the convenient features and zip pockets as the deck bags and waist packs have.

dry duffel bag 4Waterproof Duffel Bag

A waterproof duffel bag can be a smart choice if you're packing for a longer journey (we've done a few multi-night camping tours down the River Wye). The duffel bags from OverBoard and Watershed are available in a variety of colors and sizes. Note that it's simple to stuff a lot of weight into a large duffel, which makes a SUP bulky.

dry backpack 6Waterproof backpacks

There are backpacks that are waterproof. Though we usually advise lashing it to the foredeck, you can paddle with one on your back if you're carrying light. Just make sure there aren't any trailing straps or waist belts that could get tripped on or drag in the water. Once more, every backpack we carry from Watershed, OverBoard, and Swim Secure is completely waterproof and designed to withstand brief submersion. Since Watershed bags are made for activities like white-water rafting, they can withstand a good submersion because of their zip-lock style closure. They certainly are worthy of their high pricing.

pouch bag 5Waterproof phone case

Going light? Use an OverBoard watertight phone case for your phone. Even if a lot of contemporary smartphones are watertight, at least up to a meter below, we nevertheless advise keeping it in a dry phone case. Unlike the less expensive models available, the OverBoard waterproof phone covers include a mechanical seal, so you can be sure it's completely waterproof and will shield your phone in the event that you fall in. The substance is robust and malleable. It still allows you to use the phone normally, capture pictures and videos, and make and receive calls. Keep in mind, though, that it's unlikely the case will contain enough air to float. Therefore, it makes sense to fasten the waterproof phone case's lanyard to the board, yourself, or a buoyant object! offered in two sizes—small and large—to suit the majority of contemporary smartphones. To make sure it will fit your phone, please refer to the product page's size chart.

What wouldn’t we recommend?

Although waterproof stuff sacks, also known as Dry Pouches, are showerproof, we wouldn't submerge them because they are composed of a thin, light material. These kinds of dry pouches work best when inserted into bigger dry bags to keep clean clothes separate from muddy or wet ones, or to organize food or dry socks within a huge duffel bag. They will keep out spray and splashes, but if they become wet all the time, they might let moisture through.

In conclusion

The ideal dry bag for paddle boarding is one that can hold the bare minimum of gear that will yet allow you to travel securely. We contend that having a phone and a waterproof first aid kit are necessities. It can become chilly outside on an open body of water, so it's a good idea to pack a windproof jacket. Above all, aim to keep your paddle board as clutter-free as possible. If you do fall in, you don't want to have to hoist yourself back onto your board while fishing numerous bags, shoes, and drink bottles out of the water.

Go out there, have fun, and stay safe!

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